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You May Need to Live a Year Without Football

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 Here is my quest to rid football of the decease it has had for decades. We cannot stay ignorant

Football is my life. I play Football Manager religiously for 5 years now, I watch football every week, I play with my friends on Sundays, I coach my sons team as an after-school program.

But when my friends and me sit down in a pub on Friday nights, we feel something is wrong with our beloved sport. Something that needs to change.

 Football is Sick

The next big events in football will be held in Russia and Qatar in 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively, both of which had a super-shady voting process. FIFA has just had a massive investigation into the organization that resulted in bans and arrests.

fifa investigation

And let’s not kid ourselves, these are not isolated incidents.

While in U.S., American Football also has scandals, these are often based on individual actions like racist owners, aggressive players , etc. World football, unfortunately, often shows flaws from the roots of the whole institution. Like numerous game-fixing scandals in Italy.

So, where am I going with this?

Only Cure is To Be Vocal

There are only two roads to take. Let what happens continue and blindly enjoy any football you get, or fight for the truth.

The truth is, football is sick and we need to protest. In my mind, UEFA and FIFA understand nothing except only when they lose money. That’s why my suggestion is to boycott anything football-related (backed by UEFA or FIFA) for a year.


Hopefully, losing revenue would open their eyes. Because these are gangsters. They won’t stop over their own volition.

For example, when countries try to fight against corruption in their own local football leagues, FIFA threatens to ban the country from international tournaments.

You know what? I say we let them. Let them see 10 countries boycott the World Cup and I’m pretty sure they would succeed pretty damn fast.

Are you with me?

By the way, I know living without football would be sad, but it’s not like you have to completely forget about it. Support local games. Play dozens of different football games online (with casino signup bonus and various other gifts, you could even make money). Spend a year reading about football history via biographies and tactics books like Inverting the Pyramid.

You don’t need to stop consuming football. You would simply find ways that don’t benefit UEFA and FIFA.

As ramblings of a single man, this won’t go far. But in numbers we could tear them down. Will you help?

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